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groceries and tools

Dig through your pantry and refrigerator to check if you have all of these items! Use the handy list provided in your kit to bring to the grocery store after marking off things you already have.

If going out during a pandemic isn't quite what you are comfortable with, we have compiled some links to Whole Foods and Instacart below. Certain items are missing Instacart links due to the brands available in different areas. Don't forget to add them if you don't have any sitting in your kitchen!

planning ahead

all four courses

If you've looked through your cookbook already, you must have decided on your gameplan for the courses. If you are brave and choosing to tackle all four courses at once – we commend you! Your shopping lists are below. If you want to skip ahead, you can jump to the list of Fresh Produce, or the Refrigerated Items, or right down to the Tools list.

one at a time

We encourage you to read each recipe to make this decision! Chef Celina Tio has provided suggestions at the end of each section to make both the soup and the appetizer as full meals, taking away the stress of preparing a full four-course meal and still just as delicious.

We've put together the list of groceries and tools needed for each individual course:

soup  |  appetizer  |  entrée  |  dessert

Hopefully, that will make it easier for you to savor the sound.

fresh produce

entrée protein

You will need 2 servings total:

refrigerated items

pantry items

For iPhones: To save the above grocery list as a checklist in your Notes app, tap and hold down here, and press Download Linked File. On the top right corner of Safari, you will see a blue arrow in a circle – press that and open the file. It will look like a jumble of code, but press the blue Share icon on the top right, then select your Notes app. When you open Notes up, the list will be there waiting for you to check off.


"If I were to spend money on three things, it would be a great chef's knife, a scale, and a great stainless sauté pan," says Chef Celina Tio, a woman who takes things like knives very seriously.

  • cutting board
    Build Trybe

  • chef's knife
    Calvin's favorite chef's knife is from his 10 year old Cutco selling kit. Though he went through the training and learned how to sell, yet wouldn't force his pitch on anyone, and therefore did not sell any knives.
    Correction: "My mom counts!"

  • peeler

  • rubber spatula, heat resistant

  • whisk

  • mixing bowls
    "I like stainless bowls because they sing," Calvin helpfully shares.

  • sheet pan

  • blender

  • liquid measuring cup

  • measuring spoon

  • sauté pan, small

  • sauté pan, medium
    Celina likes this one from Williams Sonoma

  • sauté pan, large

  • saucepot, medium

  • storage containers for extras

  • parchment paper

  • plastic wrap

  • meat thermometer

  • strainer

  • mixer

  • cupcake liners

  • cupcake pan

  • pastry brush

  • food processor, optional