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They often say that difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations – words cannot express how excited and proud we are of this new Savor the Sound adventure.


The unique menu and performances, like the years before, are designed to give you a full, immersive experience, with each course created to go with each musical piece – but the journey to get there is a bit different.


Along with your Savor the Sound cookbook, we created walkthrough cooking videos with Chef Celina Tio guiding you through the process, and intimate musical sessions with Calvin Arsenia performing the songs that inspired the dishes, all available to you on February 20.


For your journey, we recommend that you:


  1. Look over the recipes in the cookbook and decide which of the courses you’d like to prepare, factoring in time, skill level, and what you’re in the mood for.
  2. Note the Groceries and Tools needed for the courses. (Scan the QR code on the list to see items broken down by course.)
  3. Gather all of your materials and read the recipe again, accompanied by Chef Celina Tio’s video for the course (accessible by scanning the QR code in the cookbook).
  4. Follow Celina’s instructions, cook up a storm, and take photos and videos along the way! After plating your dish, flip to pages 25–26 in the cookbook and scan the QR code to open Calvin Arsenia’s performance for that course you’ve just prepared.
  5. Watch the video, enjoy your dish, and make sure to truly relish in the moment and appreciate all that went into it.
  6. Make sure to tag us in any photos of your adventure, and to visit the Build Trybe auction site full of things the kids have built for you.


Thank you for taking part in this year’s Savor the Sound, and we will see you at our live, virtual event on February 27 with Chef Celina Tio and live performances by Calvin Arsenia, including a special and spontaneously composed piece for dessert.