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Saturday, 01.04.20

The Martin | Martin City, Missouri



an immersive, collaborative, and delicious

performance experience


Calvin Arsenia, musical artist

chef celina tio

chef michael foust

john baker, filmmaker

kansas city aerial arts



Build Trybe

A program of Cornerstones Of Care

100% of the funds raised from Savor the Sound goes to help foster care youth.


For youth without a stable support system, Build Trybe is a mentorship community that builds health, independence, and empowers youth with employable skills.


Build Trybe is a bridge connecting youth to opportunity.

A benefit for Build Trybe, a program of Cornerstones of Care, Savor the Sound is an immersive event that will tantalize your senses combining food, film, movement, and music. Chef Celina Tio, Chef Michael Foust, filmmaker John Baker, Kansas City Aerial Arts and musician Calvin Arsenia join forces to create a unique performance for this incredible cause.


Following the immense success from the first Savor the Sound after the New Year in 2019 that raised $27,000 for the youth, Chef Michael Foust and Kansas City Aerial Arts joined the extraordinary collaboration.


The menu for the next Savor the Sound will be put together in the same manner - a series of micro-dinners, lovingly called Sunday Serenades, exclusive to our sponsors for the event. The menu, music, and dance will be spontaneously put together by the artists responding to each medium.


Along the same time, John Baker will be working in the dirt shoulder to shoulder with the students of Cornerstones of Care, capturing beautiful imagery to showcase the newly expanded Build Trybe program and how it impacts the lives of the young people involved and our community.


Savor the Sound is your opportunity to witness this once in a lifetime collaboration.



white oak | $5000

8 seats, original Build Trybe piece, custom ceramics piece


osage orange | $2500

8 seats, original Build Trybe piece


western cedar | $1000

4 seats, Build Trybe cutting board


honey locust | $500

2 seats, Build Trybe planter box




farm table | $150

1 seat



Without our 2020 Savor the Sound sponsors,

Build Trybe would not be where it is today.

Julie Hull

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